One Pass Patience

Hold on to your ear muffs because this Patience Solitaire is a blizzard of card game fun! 1 Card 1 Pass Patience Solitaire is a super tough version of classic solitaire, player must have true solitaire gumption to with this free online game! With only one pass through the solitaire deck, solitaire players must choose their plays wisely and patiently. It may be a blizzard and you can only see as far as one foot but to win 1 Pass Patience Solitaire you really must concentrate on what lays ahead!

Free Patience Solitaire

  • Play 1 Pass Patience Solitaire if you are a Solitaire expert
  • There is only one pass through this Patience mountain, and in it you'll find gold!
  • Fill each of the four foundation at the top right of the solitaire board to win solitaire


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